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Baby Care

BabyCare Maternity Care Package

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Full set of maternity care package - includes 28 basic and practical items to prepare mothers for a smooth delivery! Don't have to worry that you under packed for hospital stay. *Includes non-woven bag*

[Perfect for gifting]

For Moms:

(before delivery use)

Disposable underpads (60x45cm) [5 pieces]

Disposable underpads (90x60cm) [5 pieces]

Maternal tissue (250g) [2 packets]

Postpartum toothbrush [1 piece]

Multi caring toothpaste [1 piece]

Wet tissue [1 packet]


(after delivery use)

Sanitary napkins (600mm) [1 piece]

Disposable toilet seat cover [6 pieces]

Disposable cotton underwear L size [4 pcs]

Disposable straws [30 pieces]

Sanitary pads L size (425mm) [8 pieces]

Sanitary pads M size (350mm) [10 pieces]

Disposable breast pads [16 pieces]

Breast milk storage bag [10 pieces]


For Babies:

Wet wipes [2 packets of 20 pieces each]

Moisturising soft towel [2 packets of 40 pieces each]

Disposable baby diaper pad [6 pieces]

Royal diapers [4 pieces]

Cotton swabs [180 pieces]

Cotton tissue [1 packet]

Baby bellybutton water resistance patch [10 pieces]