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Buds Organic

Buds Cherished Organics Starter Kit

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1) Precious Newborn Head to Toe Cleanser 60ml To see a newborn baby is to glimpse the true meaning of a miracle. Cleansing gently is paramount and our ultra mild Amino Acid and sugar derived cleanser is just the thing. Packed with Organic Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate. The end result is a simple and kind concoction that removes dirt and grime without harming baby’s delicate skin.

2) Precious Newborn Cream 30ml Our Precious Newborn Cream is specially created for those first six months. Combining the benefits of Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oll and Shea Butter with Inca Inchi Oil to preserve and protect, this lavish cream is also boosted with soothing Spent Grain Wax and Aloe Vera Extract. Olive Leaf Extract completes the cream by promoting skin hydration and providing potent antioxidants. Use daily to nourish and help newborn skin adjust to life on the outside

3) Baby Bum Balm 15ml Keep baby’s bum smooth and kissable with this rich and protective Baby Bum Balm. It is loaded with Organic Beeswax to create a barrier between baby’s skin and the contents of the diaper, preventing irritation and discomfort. It also features soothing Spent Grain Wax and essential fatty acids rich Inca Inchi. The trio of Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter moisturise while Vitamin E delivers antioxidants. This complement of ingredients; together with antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, provide unsurpassed protection, soothing and healing properties.



Precious Newborn Head to Toe Cleanser Remember to bring our Precious Newborn Head to Toe Cleanser with you to the hospital so that your baby‘s first bath is free of harsh ingredients and harmful chemicals. When you bath baby at home, you can either add our cleanser to the bath water or use it directly on baby’s skin. Our cleanser is also ideal for topping and tailing. Add a pumpful of Precious Newborn Head to Toe Cleanser to a tub of warm water and mix well. Dip cloth into water and wipe baby down, starting with his head and progressing down to his feet.

Precious Newborn Cream Apply liberal amounts of our cream on your newborn every day. This nourishing cream will hydrate, protect and shelter your newborn’s delicate skin. Suitable for use from perfect little head to precious tiny toes.

Baby Bum Balm Rub a fingertip’s worth of balm between your fingers to soften, then smooth tenderly over baby’s bottom. Pay special attention to fold and creases. Use at least four times a day. Babies who are teething, being weaned or starting solids may benefit from more regular applications as these milestones can be accompanied by diaper rash.