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Grapebly Storage Lid

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Grapebly Storage Lid is an add on accessories for Grapebly PPSU Feeding Bottle. The storage lid is suitable for 150ml and 240ml feeding bottle (*Sold Separately).

Prefect accessories to use to store your breastmilk in the refrigerator. The airtight seal can prevent oxidation and losses of nutrients in the milk. 

Easily switch between Grapebly milk bottle and storage bottle. With this innovation, parents able to feed your hungry baby quicker by just heating up the breastmilk and change the storage lid to feeding bottle collar.

Grapebly Storage Lid Features:

✓ Switch Between Feeding Bottle And Storage Bottle Easily.
✓ Easy To Use And Clean.
✓ Airtight And Leak Proof - Preserve Nutrients Of The Breastmilk.
✓ Suitable To Store Breast Milk Storage, Baby Snacks, Puree.
✓ Effective Storing - Stackable Storage Bottle.

Product Details:
Storage Lid Color: White
Materials (All BPA Free):
1. Storage Lid Material: PP (Polypropylene)
2. Seal Material: SR (Silicone)
Installation Guide:
1. Remove the bottle collar of the feeding bottle.
2. Press down this storage lid. Done!