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Allomama Brunei

Light Toned Play Fence

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  • Versatile Play Zone: Unleash your child's joy with our Kids Play Fence, a dynamic space offering a variety of activities.

  • All-in-One Fun: This 200 x 180 cm play area features a built-in slide or swing, basketball hoop, and rocking horse for diverse and engaging play.

  • Safe and Cushioned:  1cm thick play mat is included , the play mat ensures a secure surface, providing a soft landing for energetic play while fitting perfectly within the fence.

  • Compact Design: This play fence is crafted for convenience and easy assembly.

  • Stimulating Environment: Encourage creativity and physical development in a vibrant and sturdy play haven that guarantees endless smiles and laughter.

Transform your child's playtime into a world of imagination and exploration with our Kids Play Fence - where adventure meets safety.

Style 1- includes Slide, Basketball Hoop, Rocking Horse

Style 2- includes Swing, Basketball Hoop, Rocking Horse