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Allomama Brunei

Multifunctional desk + chair

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  1. Versatility: The multifunctional desk and chair set offers a wide range of uses, including drawing, playing with blocks, eating, learning, and storage. It can adapt to various activities and needs, making it a versatile and practical furniture piece for children.

  2. Flip Sides: The desk features flip sides, providing different surfaces for different activities. One side can be used for drawing or writing, while the other side may have a smooth surface suitable for eating or playing with water activities.

  3. Ample Storage: The desk is equipped with storage compartments or shelves, allowing children to conveniently store their toys, art supplies, and other belongings. This promotes organization and keeps the play area tidy.

  4. Inclusive Block Toys: The set includes 157 block toys, offering children a creative outlet for imaginative play and building. These blocks can be used on the desk surface or stored within the storage compartments.

  5. Marker Pens: The set also includes 12 marker pens, providing children with a variety of colors for their artistic endeavors. The markers can be easily stored on the desk or in designated holders for easy access.

  6. Child-Friendly Design: The desk and chair are designed with the comfort and safety of children in mind. The materials used are durable and child-friendly, with rounded edges and non-toxic finishes.