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Little Baby Grains

Premium Brown Rice & Organic Supergreens

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Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients with NO salt, preservatives, sugar or artificial flavours.

This cereal is specially formulated and fortified with M-Gard®, a high bioactivity Norwegian yeast beta-glucan, also known as an immunomodulator that enhances your baby's vital defence mechanisms against pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and fungus. This appetising cereal introduces new flavours to your baby's palate!

✔️ Fortified with M-Gard® 
✔️ Made from specially selected premium brown rice, free from nasty toxins and heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead
✔️ Contains organic supergreens (organic barleygrass, wheatgrass, oatgrass and alfalfa) which are cold-pressed using Gentle BioActive Dehydration™ process to more effectively retain their nutrients
✔️ Halal JAKIM

👶🏻Perfect as baby's first foods
🥣Easy preparation: Open sachet, add hot water/milk and mix till smooth!
🏡Good to have at home for busy parents
🥗Makes a healthy snack for kids
🌾 Made from wholegrains, rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals
🏭 Manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, in compliance with HACCP and Malaysian Food Hygiene regulations (MeSTI)

Also available in Premium Brown Rice (original) and Non-GMO Beetroot.

Available for purchase in individual sachet or in a box containing 10 sachets.