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Tomato Ketchup Original 230ml

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Kids Tomato Ketchup Original is a mixture of Tomatoes with Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt and Vinegar. It is high in fiber and contains multivitamins that support the children’s growth.

It is appropriate for children aged 1 year and above. 230 ml, expires in 2 years.

It can be used as a flavoring and add into the cooking.

230 ml (Serving size = 10 ml / Servings per bottle = 23)

  • Natural
  • Non GMO
  • No White Sugar
  • No White Salt
  • No Coloring


  • Tomato
  • Organic Raw Cane Sugar
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Vinegar

Storage Instruction:-

  • Keep in a cool and dry place before open and keep refrigerated after opening.


Halal – MeSTI – Organic!