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Allomama Brunei

Vitabiotics Wellwoman Plus Omega 3.6.9 - 56 Tablets

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Wellwoman Plus contains the original Wellwoman formula, with a high purity, Super Strength Omega-3, 6 and 9 capsule containing Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower Oil and Olive Oil (EP Grade) in a convenient 2-in-1 pack.

Each Wellwoman multivitamin tablet provides 22 micronutrients to help maintain vitality & wellness:

    • B-complex vitamins help maintain energy release
    • Iron may help suppor cognitive performance
    • Vitamin D3 to help maintain a healthy immune system

Each 3-in-1 capsule provides:
    • Omega-3: Pharmaceutical Grade marine oil providing high purity Omega 3
    • Omega-6: Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil
    • Omega-9: From Olive Oil (European Pharmacopoeia quality grade).
    • No artificial colours or preservatives
    • No gluten, salt or yeast
    • Wellwoman Plus is not tested on animals
    • A general multivitamin and mineral supplement is not necessary in addition to Wellwoman Plus

UK's No.1 branded manufacturer in vitamins, minerals and supplements. Source: Nielsen GB ScanTrack Total Coverage. For claim verification write to: Ad Validation, Marketing Department, Vitabiotics Ltd., 1 Apsley Way, London NW2 7HF


How to use




Swallow each with a glass of water or a cold drink and take with a main meal. Not to be chewed. Do not exceed the recommended intake. To be taken on a full stomach.