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Allomama Brunei

YOUHA INS Gen 2 Single Wearable Breast Pump

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Youha The Ins Gen 2 Wearable Handsfree Single Breast Bump w/ Bluetooth App is a small and lightweight breast pump with a collection cup to place inside your bra. Collection cup design featuring a compact pump motor connected directly to the breast shield and expressed breastmilk is collected in the cup. No tubes, no cords, no dangling bottles. Offering hands-free, more enjoyable and discreet way to express breastmilk. The INS breast pump is designed to use anytime you like, wherever you like. No more pumping schedule. Pump anywhere anytime as you want to.

New APP function: My Youha App Function provides ultimate control and convenience. Connect your wearable pump to control remotely and track your breast milk through the My YOUHA app! Available on Andriod and IOS. 

Safe, convenient, effective. The INS breast pump provide a mobile pumping method that maintains the quality and effectiveness of a non-mobile way, allowing you to express quickly and efficiently at your convenience. The INS breast pump is a closed system with a breast shield made from food-grade, frosted silicone, for your comfort and safety.

  • Safe, convenient, and effective.
  • Mobile pumping method.
  • Maintains quality and effectiveness.
  • Quick and efficient.
  • Closed system for hygiene.
  • Comfortable food-grade silicone breast shield.

What's Included

  • Motor Unit 1pc
  • U Membrane 1pc
  • 5oz/150ml Cup 1pc
  • Dust Cap 1pc
  • USB Type-C Cable 1pc
  • Valve 2pcs 
  • Silicone Breast Shield-24mm 1pc
  • Silicone Breast Shield-28mm 1pc 
  • Breast Shield Insert/Convertor-20mm 1pc
  • Breast Shield Insert/Convertor-22mm 1pc
  • User Manual 1pc
  • Carry Pouch 1pc

Assembly is simple and straight forward; all parts can be disassembled to enable easy cleaning and can be sanitized in boiling water or steam sterilizer. UV sterilization can also be used, but may cause parts to degrade faster and be replaced more frequently.

What's new in Gen 2 vs Gen 1:

  • Both 24mm and 28mm breast shields now included in the package
  • More compact design - motor now built into the cup rather than been attached from the top
  • Gen 2 is 15g lighter at 239g vs 254g for Gen 1
  • Smaller cup size at 150ml (vs 240ml for Gen 2) - as motor now takes some space inside the cup
  • Slightly larger battery (1200 mAh vs 1100 mAh for Gen 1) 

These great features still same for Gen 2 as for Gen 1:

  • Everything fits under your bra! Breast shield, collecting cup and pump unit
  • 3 Modes: Massage (to soothe or prepare the breast for pumping), Expression (continuous suction to pump breastmilk) and Mixed (cycles of massage mode in between each express mode cycle to stimulate more breastmilk flow)
  • Each mode (Massage, Expression, Mixed) has 10 levels intensity adjustment/frequency
  • Features quiet mode for discreet and silent pumping (<60dB)
  • Memory function - switch on and it starts on the same mode that you last used
  • Rechargeable breast pump with battery indicator
  • Closed system pump prevents backflow, thanks to the silicone membrane in the cup that acts as a backflow protector
  • USB-C cable for convenient charging, charge with your USB power plug, even computer, laptop, power bank and more
  • Auto shut off after 30 min
  • Intuitive and easy to use one-button design with (+/-) touch buttons to adjust intensity for Massage & Expression, frequency for Mixed
  • Breast shield made of full silicone is soft and comfortable and fits well over breast
  • Made with food grade PP plastic and silicone, BPA free, Phthalate free
  • All-in-one device. Easy to assemble and clean
  • Dimensions: 11.5(h) x 7.5(d) cm 

*This pump comes with 1 x 20mm and 1x 22mm converter

This product comes with a 12-month warranty from time of purchase on product faults (for pump unit only, does not apply to pump parts). *Charge the pump using the original cable ONLY. Other cables can damage the pump. Damaged pump due to charging with a non-original cable VOIDS the warranty.